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Type        : Skyport

Location   : Bangalore,


Site Area  : 60,000 Sq.ft

Presented at Indian Tech Summit

Designed for LEAP Aeronautics, a tech start-up that proposes futuristic transportation hub for flying battery powered cabs that addresses  the prevailing road traffic and pollution. The design categorizes the flow of the people, luggage and the aircraft in a smooth in and out flow that doesn’t overlap by a fanned out design and by assigning function to various points in the design to ensure a smooth flow overall.

At any given time the inflow and outflow of passenger arrive at the central core – approach the security check and clear to the luggage zone and board the aircraft. LEAP AERO aspires to change the transportation sector by introducing battery operated aircrafts as replacement to public urban transportation. It reduces carbon footprint  and makes urban transportation easier.

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